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Tape Catalogue - West Records

West Records - Central Scotland Recording Studios - 1969 - 1978

Tape No Artiste / Band

Track Title

Download Available
14 Aardvark    
9 Aegis 1971  
36 Aegis 1971  
  Agatha's Moment 1970 - 4 Tracks  
8 Arena Three Tracks  
47 Bay City Rollers Three Tracks  
7 Biffo    
27 Blue    
45 Bodkin CSA104

Plastic ManV1

Plastic ManV2

17 Blizzard 1972  
31 Blue    
28 Castle    
3 Cat Violet Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad All Tracks
3 Rainbow
3 The Letter
3 Getting better
3 Meet on the Ledge
3 Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is
  Give a Life, Take a Life
  Celebrity Ball
  It's For You
4 Cat Violet Getting better (Beatles Cover) Track 1
  Cat Violet Meet on the Ledge (Richard Thompson) Track 2
9 Cat Violet    
  Chris Adams (String Driven Thing) L'amor est le enfant de la Liberty L'amor-est-le-enfant-de-la-Liberty
  Close Friends    
34 Close Friends    
  Donald Cameron    
46 Club 4 4 songs  
  Dick Gibb    
3 Donald Cameron Cat Cat
3 Donald Cameron Lorna Lee Lorna Lee
29 Donald Cameron Piano Suite  
  Donald Cameron instrumental  
  Donald Cameron + Me    
  Donald Cameron Katy Tong  
32 Donald Cameron Sacramento Train  
  Donald and Brian McCabe Mausoleum  
  Donald Murray    
2 Dougall Brothers Liz Gee Whizz Track
  Dougall Brothers Shake Rattle and roll  
  Dougall Brothers Railroad Boy Track
19 Eric Booker 3 Tracks Track
18 Exhibition 4 songs  
16 Free and Easy Norwood hotel live 1977  
  Geminis Children    
39 Gerry Munroe plus Pete    
3 Glass Unicorn What Does Tuesday Look Like  
  Glass Unicorn Mail Order Female  
  Glass Unicorn Coming Around  
  Glass Unicorn There's A Door That Leads To Nowhere  
42 Greenfly    
22 Harmony   All Tracks
41 Harry Barry - The Hobos    
43 Harry Barry - The Hobos    
48 Harry Barry - The Hobos    
25 Ian Kenny and Alan Campbell  1971  
20 Mini Maestros    
6 Obs Tweedle    
  Pete Vardy Two Songs  
37 Rain Tree County 1971  
38 Rab Smith social norm, Sunday  
26 Ray Summers Group    
  Ricco Show Band    
44 Ricco Show Band    
17 Ronnie Ferrier 1972  
33 Sad - Hugh Alan   All Tracks
35 Salvation    
10 Soho Orange    
11 Soho Orange    
12 Stiltz Three Songs
53 Stirling Reel and Strathspey Society    
  String Driven Thing    
3 Susan Ram Keep On Top Of Your Woman Track
  Susan Ram You're Gone (Instrumental) Track
3 Sweet And Tender Motion Memory Of My Life  
  Sweet And Tender Motion Illusions  
  Sweet And Tender Motion Easy  
  Sweet And Tender Motion Lazy  
3 Tam White The Knights Of Bushido  
8 Tentacle    
13 Tessie Gork    
24 Time for Yourself    
  Tommy Truesdale and The Sundowners Four Songs  
30 Triangle + 1    
  The Poets Barrs Cola ads  
  The Poets As I look over my lifetime  
  The Poets Bad Weather  
  The Poets Two Songs  
15 The Poets Six Songs  
21 The Rustics    
1 The Rustics At the Pines  
23 Twighlight Zone    
49 Thrush Live at the Maggie Tape 1 All Tracks
50 Thrush Live at the Maggie Tape 2 All Tracks
51 Thrush Live at the Maggie    
52 Thrush Live at the Maggie    
5 Wide Horse Dusky Ruth plus more  
  Wide Horse Set Me Free  
  Wide Horse Someday  
40 Wright family 1977  



My plan is to digitise these tapes and upload them to the web for posterity. I was thinking of monetising them on various music sites that get small payments etc. It costs money to set it up but once up might be self financing.

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